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INTERMEDIATE: Voices of Freedom

Voices of Freedom depicts the  Underground Railroad through the eyes of the 1910 students of SS #13 Raleigh—the Buxton School. These students were the grandchildren of the fugitive slaves and free people of colour who came to Buxton during the era of the Underground Railroad.

Through “Voices of Freedom”, students will come to understand Canada’s involvement in the Underground Railroad.

  • They will learn of Buxton and the many other settlements throughout Canada West for the fugitives of slavery. Using primary documents and first hand stories, students will examine the journey these fugitives made to freedom.
  • Students will research the ancestry of a 1910 Buxton student and how that young person’s family came to Canada. They will also examine the road to freedom along which the grandparents of the 1910 students journeyed.
  • They will compare  Buxton society during the period of the Underground Railroad era, the 1910 period, and the present.
  • They will examine the challenges faced when freedom was reached in Canada West, based on the words of the men and women who faced those challenges. They will hear the newly-freed men compare their life in freedom with that in slavery.
  • Students should emerge from this study with a pride in their heritage and in the role played by all Canadians.

Institution of Slavery

Underground Railroad

Abolition Movement

Freedom in Canada

Buxton 1910 Scholars

Class picture

For young scholars who have the good fortune to visit the Buxton Museum on a class trip!

During their day at the Buxton Schoolhouse, students will role-play one of the children of the 1910 class for an authentic experience, using lessons and materials from that period.

Before their visit to the settlement, students should complete a series of activities provided in the teacher resource packet. These activities will familiarize them with the settlement and the time period. All resources to complete these activities are provided in the resource kit.

Booking Information

Please email (buxton@ciaccess.com) or call the Buxton Museum (519-352-4799) to book this program. You should allow at least 4 weeks to complete activities before your visit.


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