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A Day in an Early
African/Canadian Settlement

Introduce life in an African Canadian Settlement of the 1850’s through literature and activities provided in a resource package created to address curriculum expectations in Language, Arts and Social Studies.

A Day in an Early African Canadian Settlement contains four (4)  study units, with the following resources included: 

  • An interactive CD Rom, which contains 40 lessons and two (2)  interactive settlement maps showing the landmarks/settlement and documented families who were settled in Buxton in 1862. 
  • The who, what, where, when, and why of the Early African Canadian Settlements in the Chatham Kent area of Canada West.
  • Book: Henry's House, which documents the life of fugitive slaves who came to Buxton to find freedom. This book has several chapters, telling the story of the owner of our 1852 log cabin, and his life in Buxton. It tells of the lives of the children of the settlement, and relates some of the special events that happened in the Buxton Settlement between 1852 and 1862.
  • Book:  Baby Steps to Freedom, about a boy who escaped from slavery with his parents as a toddler, and came to the Buxton Settlement. It tells of his life in Buxton in the 1850’s and 60’s, and of his achievements as an educated man.
  • Video:  The Many Roads To Buxton
  • Activity sheets to accompany these resources
Class picture


For young scholars who have the good fortune to visit the Buxton Museum
on a class trip!

Before their visit to the settlement, students should complete a series of activities provided in the teacher resource packet. These activities will familiarize them with the settlement and the time period. All resources to complete these activities are provided in the resource kit.

During their day at the Buxton Schoolhouse, students will role play one of the children who would have attended the school in 1861, and would have been a neighbour of the owner of the log cabin.  Students will participate in four distinct learning experiences in which they will participate in events in the lives of the children of the early Buxton Settlement

These experiences include:

  • School life in our 1861 schoolhouse
  • Religious life with a tour of our church built in the 1860’s and a cemetery study
  • Home life in our 1850’s log cabin
  • Agricultural life in our farm area exhibit, and outside the log cabin

Booking Information

Please email (buxton@ciaccess.com) or call the Buxton Museum (519-352-4799) to book this program. You should allow at least 4 weeks to complete activities before your visit.


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