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Junior - Follow the Underground Railroad


Introduce the Underground Railroad through literature and activities provided in a resource package created to address curriculum expectations in Language, Arts and Social Studies.

Activities in the Junior level of Follow The Underground Railroad include : building word webs, writing and illustrating, group evaluating, interviewing, puzzles, research,  journaling, drama, tracing family trees, song writing, quizzes and games.

Baby Steps to Freedom Many Roads to Buxton Follow-up Activities Teacher's Guide

For young scholars who have the good fortune to visit the Buxton Museum on a class trip!

This half day program presents the story of the Underground Railroad and the Buxton Community through exhibits, storytelling, literature and interactive activities.

During their visit to the museum students will:

  • Tour the museum with an artefact shopping list.
  • View the exhibit showing the journey of African Canadians from Africa to Buxton.
  • Tour of log cabin built in 1852 by a fugitive slave who came to the Buxton Settlement.
  • Tour the restored schoolhouse built in 1861 by the people of Buxton.
  • Experience a historic portrayal of one of the early settlers in Buxton.

Booking Information

Please email (buxton@ciaccess.com) or call the Buxton Museum (519-352-4799) to book this program. You should allow at least 4 weeks to complete activities before your visit.


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