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Drama in the Buxton School House

This program embraces stories of the Underground Railroad and adapts them to the Language and Social Studies, focusing on the Drama, Music and Arts curriculum at the Junior level.

Activities in the program, Drama In the Buxton Schoolhouse, include: an interactive game, writing, journaling, play writing, self & group evaluating, dramatic performances, interviewing and reporting. role playing, listening & historic portrayals, creative movement, singing, artistic designing, creating life maps,  researching, classifying, slide shows, creating tableaux, creative dancing & rhythms, making comparisons, creating family trees, charts & bio-boards. 

Buxton Roads

Freedom Songs

Dance, Dance, Dance
Escape to Freedom

Historical Portrayals

Visiting a Museum

Young scholars who visit the Buxton Museum on a class trip will enjoy... a full day program delivered by the Buxton Museum staff in the S.S. #13 Raleigh, North Buxton School. Students will use the information acquired in pre-visit activities during portions of the School Day in Buxton. This activity involves researching one of five families from the early Buxton Settlement.  All the resources necessary to complete this activity are also included on the CD Rom.

During a day at the Buxton Schoolhouse, students will encounter three different and distinct time periods.

1861 --->  Students will identify and portray the first settlers of Buxton who traveled the Underground Railroad, hearing an actual escape and capturing some of the details of that escape to create new escape scenes and adventures. They will become familiar with the 1852 log cabin that was the home of an early settler and building on that experience, portraying the children of the early settlers as they prepare to attend the Buxton Schoolhouse.

1910 --->  Students will portray the grandchildren of the early settlers as they attended the Buxton School. They will experience the subjects and the tools those students used during their school day and will be subject to the teaching methods of the time period.

2000's --->  Students will work out what life would be like for the ancestors of an original Buxton family that they have researched  during their pre-visit activities. They will create a dramatic or musical presentation that uses 1860’s artifacts and interprets them in present day situations.

Booking Information

Please email (buxton@ciaccess.com) or call the Buxton Museum (519-352-4799) to book this program. You should allow at least 4 weeks to complete activities before your visit.


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